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 Top Off Page SEO Strategies To Improve Page Rank And Increase Traffic

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Top Off Page SEO Strategies To Improve Page Rank And Increase Traffic Empty
PostSubject: Top Off Page SEO Strategies To Improve Page Rank And Increase Traffic   Top Off Page SEO Strategies To Improve Page Rank And Increase Traffic EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 6:05 pm

Every business website optimizes pages for betterpage ranking through the effective inclusion of targeted keywords withgreat content. While this is one of the basic principles of SearchEngine Optimization (SEO), many businesses are not much aware of theoff page SEO strategies that also play a critical role in pullingwebsites nearer to the top positions in search engine results.On page SEO is a necessary first step. Once that is done, consider the following off page SEO opportunities for your website.Inbound linkingWebsiteswith quality inbound links are ranked higher by search engines. A linkfrom a reputed website is equivalent to an endorsement and adds to yourwebsite's credibility and relevance to customers' needs. Take part inblog discussions, register the website on known web directories,exchange links with relevant industry websites, and get your websiteincluded in blogrolls to get inbound links. Outward links to qualitywebsites or blogs also make a difference.Networking on social media websitesSocialmedia websites are the perfect place to advertise your products andservices, and spread brand awareness. There are many websites such asLinkedIn, Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter where you can create profilesand engage audiences. Industry leaders are harnessing the power ofsocial media by posting videos on YouTube and popular websites. Besidesadded online visibility, you also get the opportunity to interact withprospective and existing customers, discuss concerns and issues, andbuild customer relationships. Specific forums allow you to engage nicheaudiences and get noticed as a reliable vendor. You should ensurefrequent participation in forums to establish your presence. As yourposts get attention, traffic to your website will increase and yourinputs will get authoritarian status.BloggingAlmostevery business website today includes a blog. However, it isn't onlyyour own blog that you should focus on. Leave meaningful guest commentson other blogs. Keep your blog interesting with blogrolls, videos, andaudios, games, quizzes, latest news, etc. As more people show aninterest in your blog posts, the volume of inbound links alsoincreases. Social bookmarking websites enable you to drive more trafficto your website and also qualify leads by posting informationalmaterial with persuasive descriptions.Take advantage of article directoriesArticledirectories such as Ezine are excellent sources of information. You canestablish your authority on a subject by submitting your articles here.The more articles you submit, the higher will be your status as anauthor and associated benefits. You can add links to your websitethrough the resource box. An active membership will get you moreattention and consequently more traffic to your website.Register on local directoriesLocalbusiness directories help seekers locate product and service vendorsnear their locality. Google, Yahoo, country and state specific businessdirectories advertise your business and also add credibility throughratings. Ask your customers to leave comments and feedback on yourdirectory listing.Off page optimization gives search enginesinformation on your standing with other web sites - an important factorfor search engines to measure the worth and relevance of your website.On page and off page optimization techniques combine to get yourwebsite better ranking and more customers.
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Top Off Page SEO Strategies To Improve Page Rank And Increase Traffic
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