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 Technology to improve your pay per click marketing

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Technology to improve your pay per click marketing Empty
PostSubject: Technology to improve your pay per click marketing   Technology to improve your pay per click marketing EmptySat Oct 30, 2010 7:47 am

A valuable piece of PPC marketing wisdom, if we really take the heart, to implement into your business, will greatly improve your marketing and your results will explode. ..... You know what that means more business opportunities = more money

What is PPC advertising and / or marketing?

Pay per click name used because this is basically how it works. Literally, you pay a certain amount of money every time a person clicks on the ad uses a direct add on to your website. And search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases its target market. Content sites usually charge a fixed price per click, instead of using the bidding system.

If you have not done pay per click advertising, I strongly recommend starting with the Yahoo / soldiers, because they have just merged, there will be a good percentage of the traffic. Other popular sites, of course, Google, YouTube and Facebook. The establishment of an account is pretty straight forward and each of these sites will provide a wealth of opportunities, transport and clues.

When it comes to pay per click advertising, you must make sure that you are a "professional" and not an amateur or you will pay a heavy price for a very limited results. On ruin your return on investment!

The following is an amateur to do ....

They choose some keywords (most of the time too wide) against any other person, and then set what sites they want to direct traffic. Then they make a living advertisement.

Professionals, on the other hand, know that one of the biggest secrets of successful PPC marketing, click-through rate.

Aware of the importance of your ad click rate, tell you that you have to start your campaign with high advertising and most importantly, you have to pay attention to your ads like a hawk in the first few hours.

What separation is an amateur of professional, professionals split test their ads "out" under the ad, and that their click-through rate and conversion were optimized. This is extremely important that you do!

You see, "split test" is the biggest marketing skills. This is one of the largest and most scientific strategy, can improve your results, thus increasing how much money you are doing.

If you do not, I guarantee you leave money on the table.

Here are four tips that you can immediately implement to improve your PPC results.

1. Make sure you have a consistent message began to use the keyword, title, text and display URL. The most important thing is that you direct your website traffic must convey the same message.

2. Do your keyword research using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Narrow your keyword to a specific niche.

3. Once your ad on-line, monitor your keywords and eliminate invalid. Remember, only about 10% of the keywords will make you money, and those who do not pull the plug on production.

4. Split test and monitoring data. First, 2 or 3 ads, only ads to run the best conversion.

Adjusted using 1 or 2 other variables, so you always show the highest conversion of the ad.

Imaging stimulate your ad placed within a few minutes to see the results! Your ultimate goal is to ad campaigns and ad groups perform like a fine running machine. If you are new to pay per click advertising, you take action, while improving your skills will be your biggest market in education.
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Technology to improve your pay per click marketing
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