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 How to improve your AdWords click-through rates at 5 and easy way

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PostSubject: How to improve your AdWords click-through rates at 5 and easy way   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:44 am

Your AdWords CTR (click through rate) is important. Improve the hit rate can improve your Quality Score and lower costs, your bid and save you money.

You may be thinking among the many mistakes, improve click-through rate is difficult. Therefore, it will shock you to find that not only dramatically increase your AdWords click rate is often very easy to achieve, if you follow some simple guidelines.

Let us first take a look at what exactly is AdWords CTR.

AdWords how to calculate the CTR

In fact the problem is that there is no great mystery about the CTR. This is a simple formula: CTR = clicks / impressions

For example, if your ad is clicked has been shown 100 times and 4 times. To your click-through rate, so the ad will be 4 / 100 or 4%.

Most advertisers do not understand, practical measures, Google's click-through rate in five different ways, everyone can have a huge impact on your Quality Score.

This is our 5 ways to increase your AdWords click rate.

1) The Key words you know, all the AdWords keyword's clickthrough rate. The only way to improve a keyword's clickthrough rate, to encourage people to click on your keyword-triggered ads more often.

You can achieve higher your keyword's clickthrough rate:

Higher bid price, so that your ads appear higher on the results page, so that the number of clicks they receive.

Write your ad, the better to attract the attention of your audience by making them more attractive.

2) Your CTR

You may also know the CTR of each ad has its own value.

To improve the click rate of advertising:

Include more keywords in the ad group about your product or service, so that people see your ad more frequently.

Create more advertising, appeal to your potential audience.

3) All campaign CTR and the whole account

Believe it or not, Google also measures the mass center of all activities in your account.

You can improve the clickthrough rate campaigns and the abolition of all your personal account is performing keywords.

Consider this example:

Image advertising campaign, regular access to 1000 impressions and 50 clicks a week access. Therefore, this movement has the click-through rate or 5% of the 50/1000.

Now consider what would happen if half of a quarter of the amount of impressions and clicks from the poor keywords. Poor performers, I mean, even though Google and clicks are showing more and more often, these keywords do not convert. If you want to delete those poor CTR keywords campaign to become 38/500 or 7.6%.

You are now hits to increase your exercise, a huge 2.6%, save your self money wasted a huge amount of clicks and you did not lose a sale.

4) Your domain name can affect your clickthrough rate

This is a very common AdWords advertisers, trying to repair poor quality score delete their account and open a new one. Surprised when they are no different.

Matter of fact, AdWords also track click-through rate of your domain name. Your landing page must be relevant and meet with Google's advertising guidelines. Believe it or not, some very small changes to your landing page can have a huge impact click-through rate.

5), historical keyword performance

The last part of your AdWords account, AdWords click rate measures the performance history of your chosen keywords. Millions of people use AdWords, and the trillions of keywords have been tried in the campaign. In fact, there are a few keywords, but not before trying other advertisers.

Other people's hits have reached the keywords of your choice will have a big impact the center of their own that keyword.

Now you may think, how can you ensure that any keywords, you do not select a poor CTR related to the history of it?

Enter your keywords to the "Traffic Estimator" tool. This tool will tell you how many clicks on your keyword, you can reasonably expect to receive in a day. You will be multiplied by 30.4 (average number of days in a month), to see how many clicks may be attracted to that keyword within a month.

Enter your keyword phrase is "Keyword Tool." The tool will provide you with an estimate of the number of times, every month, you may want to target your keywords as search words.

Divided by the number of clicks the search in January, you will get a rough guide, Google's click-through rate for that keyword.

If it hits a low CTR, then proceed with caution. Google is to inform you that your chance of success with this particular keyword is limited.

Final Thoughts

AdWords CTR does not raise difficulties, but to provide the maximum benefit of your Quality Score, you need to increase it in all five areas, Google's measure.
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PostSubject: Re: How to improve your AdWords click-through rates at 5 and easy way   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:00 pm

Really great information, i am totally aware from that and haven't much knowledge about that, that can give me a great useful information, great job.
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How to improve your AdWords click-through rates at 5 and easy way
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