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 Foods to avoid to win the fight against diabetes

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PostSubject: Foods to avoid to win the fight against diabetes   Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:19 pm

Foods to avoid confrontation with diabetes can be arranged in many ways
a traditional content or the right thing according to the composition
of the bits and pieces of food, you choose. There are many figures in
the list of 'food to eat with diabetes', but not much hiking gear to
arrest blood sugar diabetes patients. Just let a knowledge of food to
avoid diabetes is not enough. Diabetes requires a strong 'will' take a
certain lifestyle, in the absence of certain foods is not conducive to
health, when acquired diabetes.

Block some of the food is lovely
and delicious taste of diabetes can be connected to a corner on the
trouble. This may be pressure to diabetes and depression, he must be
beyond the boundaries to exclude certain foods. But one thing is not
the purpose Keyiqueding both ends of the enjoyment of 'eating good
food' and 'freedom from symptoms of diabetes'. You have to admit to any
one of the options and enjoy a healthy life 'or' diabetes. If you click
on the former, then you should take the following guidelines to avoid
disturbance of the food stand in a positive rise in blood sugar due to
the body.

High-carbohydrate foods: foods high in carbohydrates
raise the level of blood glucose self-powerful soon. Because
carbohydrate-rich foods with high glycemic index (GI), such food can
improve the measurement of blood sugar count. Foods high in
carbohydrates the body into glucose, diabetes is not desirable body.
Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend full of food and starch
ingredients. Therefore, you should avoid eating white bread, white rice
(high precision), muffins, and pasta. This is your warning, instant
mashed potatoes and hot butter is high blood glucose and
gastrointestinal 110,100 and the GI value of white bread.

and sweet food: sweets are mostly prepared and mixed as sweeteners,
they are not conducive to the health of diabetes. Therefore, you should
avoid cakes, chocolate, dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream.
In addition to these, sugary fruits such as banana, pear, pineapple and
blueberries, also should be kept aside. Refined as a beverage sweetener
is harmful to the health of high potential, you are prone to diabetes,
they should be avoided.

Therefore, the best advice is: Avoid foods high in carbohydrates to keep hiking check blood glucose levels.

signs of diabetes, control of diabetes is an art. If you want to be an
expert, you should know the description of Diabetes Diabetes is good
food and food products.
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PostSubject: Re: Foods to avoid to win the fight against diabetes   Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:45 pm

There are many ways to fight against diabetes. Maintaining a healthy
diet is important for everyone, but it is vital for people with
diabetes.Soya bean is very useful to decrease diabetes. Green vegetables
dry fruits like almond.
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Foods to avoid to win the fight against diabetes
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