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 How to Choose the Best Directory Submission Software

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PostSubject: How to Choose the Best Directory Submission Software   Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:52 pm

Directory submission is a great way to earn morebacklinks for your website, which in effect will improve your pageranking. The higher the number of submissions the better the pageranking though other factors may come into play. It is entirelypossible to do directory submissions yourself but the challenge is thatthese directories are ever increasing by the day and so becomes moredifficult and time consuming to do them manually. There are softwareavailable to help make the task a whole lot easier. Due to the numberof software on the market, it is important to make analysis on softwareand choose the one that seems most suitable. Ideally the followingfactors are relevant in choosing directory submission software.1.Number of directories - In the first place, the reason you are likelyto opt for software submission is that you need to submit to plentydirectories with ease. It is therefore important that the softwaresubmits to high number of directories as much as possible. Softwareoffering less than a thousand submissions are not recommended whilesthose offering more than three thousand submissions are very uncommon.2.Quality of Directories - Most of today's directories are flooded withspammers and search engines know this. If you get a good number ofsubmissions made to these low-lying spam filled directories, you riskbeing flagged by the search engines. It is therefore important to checkthe directories listed in the software and be sure your submissions arenot going into 'bad neighborhoods'.3. Email confirmation report- This is a must-have feature for any software you choose for automateddirectory submission. The confirmation email should indicate whetherthe submission was completed and accepted or there was an error whichmeans you need to resubmit. This feature is also very vital becausesome very high-ranking directories do not even accept automatedsubmissions.4. Auto-mode submission - Good directory submissionsoftware should definitely allow for auto submission throughout withoutthe need for confirmation clicks. It will be pretty awkward if you willhave to click through thousand confirmation clicks - that is obviouslynot time saving.5. Cost - Submission software should not cost afortune. Even top-class software is modest in price due to competition.Moreover, if submission software is priced ridiculously expensive,people will switch to the use of directory submission services as theyprovide additional benefit like varied description and alternatingkeywords as well as social bookmarking submissions.
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How to Choose the Best Directory Submission Software
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