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 The Role of SEO and Content

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The Role of SEO and Content Empty
PostSubject: The Role of SEO and Content   The Role of SEO and Content EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 5:50 pm

For a considerable amount of time, search engineoptimization has been used and abused by many in the hope of making it,if not topping the search engine ranking list and this goal is for agood cause since being on top of the list means heavier website trafficwhich can also translated into more website visits and a potentiallyhigher return of investment rate. And in the quest to achieve highersearch engine ranking, many people have paid good money and many morewill spend so much in order to be placed on top of this illustriouslist.Now, there is undoubtedly increased clicks and visits ofyour website once you belong to that elite list of sites that can befound on the front page of the search engine pages and the value hasbeen computed for a specific keyword to be at least fifty percent.Fifty percent is a number that is totally huge when talking about hits,yet because of this, some online advertisers and marketers have lostfocus on making sure that their website content is useful and relevantto the customer's needs.And it is sad now that there are a lotof high ranking websites that do not actually contain valuableinformation on the topic provided for and the content is just a rehashof something that is already known to many, not offering freshinformation or data that would really help the reader. Some sites thatare on the top ten of the page ranks are even useless if you read thecontext and gist of the article written and that is not all, they areeven poorly designed and evidently, the cost that should have gone toresearch and beautification of the website went into making sure thatthe page really ranked.Imagine this if you do not make sure thatyour content is as useful to the customer as can be: you are gettingmore than a thousand hits every day yet the reader hits the back buttonas soon as they hit your website for lack of any valuable information.In the end, you would be spending more on the clicks that did notactually result into a sale since what is vaguely promised is neverattained by the searcher.Making sure that your content isunique, accurate, and downright honest and useful is what makes for ause of the information better website and in the end you will realizethat people will keep coming back because of the information you arewilling to provide. It would even make your website more popular if youupdate your content regularly and you make sure that people know thatthe data in your website is updated on a regular bases making theinformation they are getting from your website is fresh and not somerehash from an old article written by another person.
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The Role of SEO and Content
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