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 How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google?

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How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google? Empty
PostSubject: How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google?   How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google? EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 5:47 pm

You want to get your website listed in Google. You want to do SEO onyour website to get more traffic. And you have tried submitting yourwebsite's URL to Google's "Submit A URL" feature again and again to noavail. And you are frustrated because after months of waiting, yourwebsite is still not indexed by Google. Actually, getting your websitelisted on Google isn't difficult at all. We will tell you what your SEOconsultant wouldn't. It is very simple: all you need to is to set up anXML sitemap and submit it to Google's Webmaster Tools.If thatsounds too deep for you, not to worry. I shall not list out the stepsyou need to do so that this is going to be as painless as possible.First of all, we need to assume the following:1. You already have a website (this is really a no-brainer).2. You also have FTP access to your web hosting account.Right,we are all set now. Google for a website with the search terms "xmlsitemaps". The first link in the search results will be the one youwant to click on. The website is called "XML Sitemaps Generator". Thiswebsite will generate a free sitemap of your website for you. The first500 pages will be free of charge and since most websites fall wellwithin this stipulation, you should be fine. In the event that you havemore than 500 pages of content, then all they ask is a modest fee toget you going. At this website, all you have to do is to fill in yourwebsite's URL. Ignore the rest of the options there and click the"Start" button. Within a minute or two, you should be given a number offiles to download. Select the first listed file to download. It wouldbe the "Uncompressed XML Sitemap". Save that file in your computer.Then,fire up your FTP software and do a FTP transfer of this file to yourwebsite. It should be hosted in the root directory of your websitehosting account. Usually, the root account is "www" or "htdocs". Ifunsure, please contact your web host. Ensure that your XML sitemap ispublicly viewable.Next, go set up a Google Webmaster Tools account if you do not have one at this location: you have set up your account, you will have to add your website'sURL in this account. As a security measure, it will ask you to verifyyour website using one of 4 measures:If you are new to this,select the radio button for "Upload an HTML...." That is the simplestoption. All you need to do is to upload the resulting HTML file to theroot directory of your website (the same as sitemap you submitted to).Once that is done, click "Verify" inside your Google Webmasters Toolsaccount. Once that is done, click on your website link that will belisted on the resulting page. Then click the link "Site Configuration"located in the left navigation bar to expand the selection. Click on"Sitemaps". In the resulting page, click "Submit a Sitemap", key in theURL where your sitemap was uploaded to and voila!, your sitemap issubmitted. Within a few days, sometimes in as little as a few hours,your website will be indexed by Google.
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How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google?
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