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 Google Hates Commercial SEO

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Google Hates Commercial SEO Empty
PostSubject: Google Hates Commercial SEO   Google Hates Commercial SEO EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 5:42 pm

Imagine walking into a room with over a hundred people or more, youask for their attention and you say you are looking for an accountanturgently because the IRS is on your tail. Naturally a handful quicklyannounce that they are accountants and would be very glad to help. Andalso charge you a hefty amount, you quietly think to yourself.Youhave never heard of any of these people so who do you pick? Youdefinitely need an accountant and desperately too. Almost automaticallythe said accountants start putting forward their credentials to you.What do they say?1. They have been in business for so long
2. They have so many testimonials
3. Their experience is relevant
4. They have a big brand
5. They get so many customers per year and make so much turnover per year and so on and so on.Youquickly take a look and maybe even verify the testimonials andreferences quickly because their other customers are in the room andsome of them are big businesses themselves. By this point you alreadyhave a mental top 5 list based on the criteria above. All this beingbased on relevance, expertise, proper fit to your needs and only thingleft will be price negotiations etc.So what's this got to do with Google?Wellmy friend, using the above example YOU are Google. The top fiveaccountants above are your page 1 list for the search term "taxaccountants in your area". Your criteria is based on the above examplewhich we can then break down into the following:1. They have been in business for so long = Domain age
2. They have so many testimonials = Backlinks or link popularity
3. Their experience is relevant = Keywords and site optimization to show keyword relevance
4. They have a big brand = High PR website with backlinks from high PR websites (their big clients above)
5. They get so many customers per year and make so much turnover per year = Lots of traffic to their websiteNow you are probably thinking to yourself - "fair enough but why would Google hate that?"Well,out of your top 5 above Google is very impressed because they areordered in the "natural" order of business. The biggest and mostpowerful business on the High Street or Main Street is number 1 in theindex and so on. Excellent job! People search on Google and Googlegives them "real and true" information of the world. But it does notwork that way, does it now?You see the person or business inposition 5 has suddenly hired a shrewd SEO agent who has built tons ofbacklinks and superbly optimized their website to the point that theyare now dominating every search in their industry. But, are they reallythe "true" leader in their industry? Maybe not. This is why more andmore search engines are now withholding certain SEO data such as numberof backilnks, indexed pages, competition analysis etc just to restorethe "natural" order of search engine rankings.
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Google Hates Commercial SEO
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