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 SEO Writer - An Essential Part of Your Website's Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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PostSubject: SEO Writer - An Essential Part of Your Website's Search Engine Marketing Strategy   Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:10 pm

On the World Wide Web, it is not only your potential customers youneed to convince that your company is the best. You also need toconvince the search engines that bring your website to the customers'attention in the first place. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization)writer is an expert in the inner workings of these search engines andknows from experience and research how to strategically create contentthat increases your website's ranking.The higher your website'sranking with search engines like Google or Yahoo, the higher yourwebsite will appear on a list of search results. The consumer willrarely look past the first or second page of those search results - socoming up on the tenth or eleventh page is almost as bad as not comingup at all.The goal of the SEO writer is to get your website toappear at the top of all relevant search results so that more potentialcustomers are driven to your website - which means more potentialincome for you!The Tools of an SEO WriterTheexperienced search engine optimization writer has a wide array of toolsin his or her arsenal to help increase your website traffic:• Well-placed, relevant keywords:Using just the right amount of relevant keywords in the right places inyour website content will also draw the right kind of attention fromsearch engines. What these search words are, where they are placed andhow often they are used are all crucial in yielding the desired results.• Avoiding outdated and overused keywords:The lack of relevant keywords or the use of outdated keywords candemote your website in the search engine's eyes - as can the overuse ofthe right keywords. If you have broken any of these rules, searchengines will disregard your website as junk and push it right to thebottom of the pile - no matter how beautifully designed and informativeyour website may be!• Proper formatting of keywords:Strategic formatting of keywords can also be used to help draw evenmore attention to your site and further improve your search enginerankings.• Meta Description Tags: For every website,there is a 200-word description of the site which search engines mayuse to determine whether or not your site is relevant to a particularsearch string. The SEO writer knows how to phrase keywords properlywithin this description for maximum results.• Articles, Press Releases and Newsletters with Deep Linking:Generate even more interest in your website by hiring a search engineoptimizing to produce a series of articles, newsletters and pressreleases for distribution on the Internet. The writer will include manylinks back to your website, which will help bring potential customersright to your door!• Taking Advantage of Current Events and Trends:The savvy writer knows that bringing current events into the mix is asure-fire way of generating even more interest in your website. Forinstance, after a certain major event, the writer might write anarticle which references this event. This way, your website willbenefit by being included in a search string executed by millions ofInternet users.• Keeping Web Content Fresh, Accurate and Up-To-Date:Search engines like websites with quality, dynamic content. Theexperienced writer knows how to capitalize on this fact by updating thesite regularly with new, informative and relevant information, as wellas making sure that all basic content is accurate and up-to-date.• Website Analytics:By studying the activity around your website, the writer can betterdetermine what is working well - and what is not. What consumers wantcan change on a daily basis. Keeping abreast of these changes is easierto determine by studying these analytics.
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SEO Writer - An Essential Part of Your Website's Search Engine Marketing Strategy
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