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 WordPress Membership Software - And Why Successful Marketers Use It

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PostSubject: WordPress Membership Software - And Why Successful Marketers Use It   Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:45 pm

Never underestimate the power of recurring income - but do you really need WordPress membership software for that? Maybe not, but here are the advantages, and when I tell you that you can get it for a very comfortable price (does $10 sound good?), what do you have to lose?Nothing! But you have a lot to gain, and let me tell you about some of it...Why Membership Sites Could Be Your LifesaverWe all have bills to pay. It feels so good to have paid all of them, but with the arrival of another month, you'll get a simultaneous stream of new invoices in your mailbox. It's inevitable.So instead of creating a new product every month, hoping to sell it, you could create a membership site and get a more or less regular income from it. If you provide your members with high quality content, they'll be only too happy to stay.Why WordPress?You could make a "real" homepage with HTML, PHP, or what ever you choose, and it works great! But it takes time to create it, and the question is if it's worth that investment, when you can set up a WordPress blog for free in a matter of minutes?The WordPress blog script is free, and many web hosts even allow you to click and install in seconds. Don't waste time on technical matters. You should rather be creating content and attracting users.A Strong Combination - WordPress and Membership SoftwareSo, you have your blog setup. You've seen how easy it is to add new content to it. You don't need to have any technical knowledge. You don't have to know about HTML codes or anything. It's just as easy as using a word processor. You basically write your text, and you click to insert pictures.If you add a membership script to this blog, you'll have a strong cocktail. A winner!What Can You Do With a WordPress Membership ScriptThis differs from script to script, of course, but there are some main features, like you'll be able to protect posts, so that only your subscribers will see them.Besides that, some scripts can even deliver digital downloads through your blog, and others again will drip feed it, so that a new subscriber always will start with your first blog post, and then -- after a given period of time -- will get access to the next and so forth.
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WordPress Membership Software - And Why Successful Marketers Use It
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