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 Why blog to help you succeed

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PostSubject: Why blog to help you succeed   Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:39 pm

I have been in the blog from the past two months, believe me, I like it. But there are some problems with my mind: blog do any good for society? Or just a waste of time? I do not think this is a waste of time because there are so many blog, who not only make a blog, but also the benefit of society in its own way. There are also some troubled times, my heart! Why do I write a blog? My fashion blog? Or I have something special to write my readers? Here is a list of reasons, I think to my blog.

Here they are:

It is free: Most of the blog sites do not charge anything, like staring at a blog Google's Blogger. In fact, you can make some money, into the AdSense advertising program from the same blog.

Knowledge: as a software engineer / technical knowledge, I think you should exist on the web. As a software engineer, I have a lot of technical knowledge, I would like to share with the world, there's nothing to do on your own blog.

Original: Do you know what needs to be a good Blogger? You should be able to write no matter what the original readers how to deal with it. In my opinion, my own ability to write something fresh.

Time: I have a lot of time on my weekends and we usually see an idiot to waste box (TV) or do something else. Blog and I found an exciting way to enjoy my weekend. Blog relax your mind and provide satisfaction.

Social Services: If someone in my blog thanks anyway, I think that as a community service. I think we should all do some kind of social services, where we donate money to the poor is not only a social service, actually a piece of technical advice can also be social services.

Money: Last but not least give you an opportunity to add more money into your pocket. Than the blog, also won a considerable amount of money, and I think now is a very important day.
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Why blog to help you succeed
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