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 'On-Line' Vs 'High Street' Estate Agency

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PostSubject: 'On-Line' Vs 'High Street' Estate Agency   Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:16 pm

"UK Office of Fair Trading said that this year (2010) more innovation is in the home buying and selling process, with the real estate market is still dominated by traditional real estate agents and weak price competition between on them. property portal to see. '

Above indicates that the supermarket Tesco to re-enter the real estate sales and re-opened the debate in order to provide value for money in the real estate agents and whether there is a real choice for consumers?

Been involved in real estate business, since 1989, I witnessed the way, the Internet has greatly affected the way the property, one level of sales, 85% of home buyers now, at least, find them through the purchase of real estate portal. The traditional method of sale, or lease, properties, mainly relying on newspaper ads and personal visits to high street offices, the main body of expensive media, the same as real estate agents fees, from 1.25 to 2% and in some cases by 3 -3.5% for multiple listing. The right questions to ask and now fair trade is that consumers, if its lower cost effective marketing properties and the street people do not visit the Home Office why the same percentage of the seller be sued, because they pay of years ago?

'Online' will be a viable alternative to many as 'High Street' and the confirmation from the National Association of Estate Agents.

Philip Bulman, at the national University, told Sky News Online, the Internet poses a threat to High Street subsidiary, but insisted that, will always be the role of agent.

"I think there is an open virtual estate agency there, but you still need local experience and the people on the ground," he said.

Further added: "But, I think there might be days before the big stores are coming to an end."

In the years 2007 - 2009 a quarter of the estate agents in the UK closed. As we enter a new decade, and the constant challenge of the market, institutions must adapt to a new approach to trade more easily. A more sustainable business model based on the provision of a range of related property services, reasonable cost, while providing a simple knowledge of advice. Days rely solely on property 'boom' is affirmed.
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'On-Line' Vs 'High Street' Estate Agency
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