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 Google AdWords advertisers the choice of writing

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PostSubject: Google AdWords advertisers the choice of writing   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:52 am

The creation of challenging Google's AdWords advertising options, especially with the increasingly fierce competition. You will be challenged to know other people found more successful approach to writing Google ads.

Writing Google's AdWords advertising options, depending on how you deal with the steps taken to make a very good copy. There is no doubt AdWord campaign is as important as advertising content.

It would be very useful to master the correct way to attract your audience. You are lucky, because we will provide you with some of the shared secret on how to write effective ads, which will generate more hits, but a lower cost per click.

And tested in the study of Google pay per click advertising system, here are some tips will be useful, you will click through rate.

1. The right audience targeting
Select only the language and country, and your goals.

2. Refining Keywords
Put your keywords will produce results in parentheses the exact keyword or phrase you have included in brackets.

3. Test multiple ads simultaneously
Known in the printing industry as A / B split test, testing two ads which have also found a higher click-through rate. Continue to replace the weaker one new ad continued to enjoy the highest possible hit rate.

4. Track ROI (return on investment)
To track the conversion ratio, using a special tracking link for each ad. This ensures that you, you can pay attention to return on investment.

5. Including targeted keywords
Ensure the incorporation of targeted keywords in the ad title and description. Highlight search keywords to draw user's attention immediately.

6. The benefits of sales
Make sure that the benefits of an important state in your ad.

7. The attention of the ad
Who would not be attracted to it, such as 'sales' and 'freedom' to your ad?

8. Emotional trigger words
Words can arouse passion, the emotions and reactions.

9. Selling your USP (unique selling proposition)
Make your products stand out in the competition and explain your product is the better choice.

10. Links to relevant landing page
Landing pages will attract more tourists simply guide them to the home page. Be sure to convert your visitors access to relevant information.

11. Elimination of common words
Every word should count, so the word is useless to remove any advertising costs.

12. Hunter discourage freebies
FREE hunters delay product prices through direct advertising. This may reduce your click-through rate, but will improve your overall conversion rate. Remember, free gifts hunters can not pay, we want customers.

Advertising is all about trial and error. Always track your ads, and always test a variety of keywords to increase your conversion rate, but lower customer acquisition costs.
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PostSubject: Re: Google AdWords advertisers the choice of writing   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:09 pm

Amazing article, great information about Google adwords, by this article i update and increase my knowledge. good job Charlottemontgom.
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Google AdWords advertisers the choice of writing
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