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 Secrets Of Outsourcing - Planning A Failsafe Project Description Before Posting It Freelance Job Auction Websites

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PostSubject: Secrets Of Outsourcing - Planning A Failsafe Project Description Before Posting It Freelance Job Auction Websites    Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:43 am

Secrets Of Outsourcing - Planning A Failsafe Project Description Before Posting It Freelance Job Auction Websites

As the trend of posting projects on the Internet is increasing rapidly due to the popularity of outsourcing, it is important to learn how to write an enticing project description before posting it online. Project planning and writing efficient descriptions for your projects are important factors whilst learning how to outsource. We should keep in mind a lot of things while writing an enticing project description, our basic aim is to produce a description which is captivating to providers, specifies the category completely, and identifies the work required in a complete and compressive way so that the reader does not lose interest when reading it .

To begin with you should set a project title, the title should be comprehensive and should be targeted to the type of freelancer you wish to hire, for instance, Technical Writer for Website Documentation Project and .Net Expert for Programming Project. These titles make clear who is required to complete the work. If the work you are initiating is for long term, you could start the title with the phrase Long Term for example, Long Term - Technical Writer for Website Documentation Project. Try to make the description brief but attractive so that you receive maximum bids, a good job description should have the following qualities:

It should be short close to two to three paragraphs but should explain all the skills essential to do the work.

It should determine the payment mode, either hourly or for a fixed price. It is commonly advised that you specify hourly payments because you can monitor your providers work and good providers favor working on an hourly basis.

It should have a set due date, it is usually advised that the due date you assign to the freelancer should be a two or three days before you require the work to be completed, this can accommodate for any problems that may crop up if the project is not delivered on time.

It should be in a simple and easy to understand language so that providers can study it easily.

You could add phrases like, serious candidates only should apply or people with 300 plus hours are encouraged to apply etc. This will help sort the candidates.

You are encouraged you to provide attachments that show samples of the types of work you require or give raw material on what work is to be performed.

Always ask applicants for work samples, samples will make you aware of the caliber of the provider and the quality of his or her previous work and help you during the interview period.

If you are planning to pay a fixed price, quote a price which suits the job! For instance no one will do a month's work efficiently if he or she is only expecting $10 for it! Always quote an amount that is a few dollars less than what you can pay because serious providers usually bid more than you cite, this will allow for a fair balance in pricing for both buyer and provider.

Some Outsourcing Tips!

When outsourcing, project planning is the most important factor if you want to get brilliant work at the lowest possible price. Learning how to outsource properly will help you achieve the best results. Here are a few guru tips to help:

Always plan your project well and have a great idea in mind before composing the description.

Your aim is to target the most enticing freelancer at the lowest price so you will do your best to get those results!, that is Capturing the attention of the best providers to interview.

Always keep in the front of your mind mind that providers from developing and underdeveloped countries provide work at much lower rates because labor rates are much less expensive there, so try to target such people with good capabilities. It is extremely important to check the English and punctuation level of such providers before hiring them.

Offer incentives for providers, such as future work, bonuses and long term hiring etc. This will offer an incentive where your provider will make a big effort to put his or her optimum effort into your project.

Once you get a grasp of this knowledge, learning how to outsource well, is mostly based on proper project planning and plenty of practice.

Good luck.
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Secrets Of Outsourcing - Planning A Failsafe Project Description Before Posting It Freelance Job Auction Websites
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